ۼ : 19-08-16 11:46
Request for quotation
 ۾ : Jorge
ȸ : 2,125  
   RFQ forging.pdf (106.8K) [9] DATE : 2019-08-16 11:46:35
Dear sirs,

Following the information in your website, could you please quote the piece in the attached drawing?

We require 4 pieces either in option 1 or in option 2. Material is SA 182 F304. We require also the relevant pieces for the covers (x16) and the relevant TBS as well.

For certification, 3.1 certification and A262 intergranular corrosion certification is also required.

Additionally, for the tubesheet only, is it possible also to comply with NACE MR0175?

We are not sending you the full details for the machining, as this is something we can probably do ourselves. If you have the capacity to machine/drill as well, please let us know.

Kindly yours,

Jorge Hevia